So… I did a thing.

A long, long time ago, a group of six of us used to have a vlog called “6UnoriginalGirls.” The whole idea was that we were going to stay in touch after we all kind of separated… but, of course, it died after a fun run that was painful for all on the outside.

Then, about a year ago, I promised Monday and Thursday (Scout) that I would join them in their efforts to resurrect it, which ultimately failed miserably.

Two days ago, the residents of 500 decided to go spend time on YouTube, finding this little gem and my brother’s YouTube channel.

While we were on there, I got to thinking of bygone days of being a YouTuber, so I made a two-year followup video for 6UnoriginalGirls for old time’s sake. It’s poorly executed, unfunny and painful, but since it’s a blog-type thing, I figured I’d link it here.


More blogging in the form of this blog will be forthcoming, I promise! I have many interesting tales of KamiCon, Netflix and Scotch tape!

Now I’m gonna go eat chocolate for breakfast.

(Shush. I do what I want.)