Things Disappointed Sapphire Says

Why did you have to do this, June? I’m so disappointed in you. You couldn’t have said it was a typo? I didn’t think I could be this disappointed in you! You’re a disgrace!!

(Context: I sent “We ride at 10, I’ll bring potato” through the group chat, and when she didn’t understand the reference, I sent her the meme.)


The Aftermath of the Storm

Well, it’s over. Sapphire, Fritz, Junhi, Bill and I have finished our finals for the week. Fritz only has one to go. Sapphire has left town, and those of us who remain are camped out in the Fritz/Finn/Bill/Junhi residence (I will refer to it henceforth as “500,” I think), draped over pieces of furniture with Shaq sodas and various video game consoles, playing Pokemon to our hearts’ content. It has been a stressful week of studying, second-guessing study guides, eating breakfast at 3 am and performing gymnastics of social diplomacy, but it is over now. There is nothing more to be done.

What should you get from this? Well, although I cannot promise that my posts here will become any more devoted (I have noticed that most of them look like Tumblr text posts), I can promise that I will have more time with which to attempt writing more interesting posts. In the meantime, I wish all college students a relaxing winter break, plenty of good food, and several nights’ sleep. For the rest of you, I hope your weeks are lovely, as well.

I’m going to rearrange my playlists and write blog posts for my characters now. Yeah, I know I could spend that time here instead of on fiction—whatever, I do what I want.

A Guide to College in Gifs

Over the length of my absence, I have experienced unmeasurable amounts of stress, amusement, and sleep-deprivation. I thought to myself this morning that it could all be summed up using gifs. Now that I’m back, I thought I’d share this summary with the world! Please enjoy!

(Notice: I don’t own any of these shows. Please don’t sue me.)


A Guide to College in Gifs

Seeing the Dorm for the First Time:


First Day Unattended:


Weekend Before Classes Start:


First Week:


First Class:


How Parents Start Acting:


When You Realize You Spend More Time With That One Friend Than Studying:


Trying to Find the Answer to A Question For a Chemistry Assignment:


When Someone Asks A Stupid Question in Class:


When You Get A Bad Paper Back:


When You Get A Good Paper Back:


When You Miss Points on Simple Math:

A Very Fancy Facepalm

Weekend’s Coming!:


Midterms Week:


At The Store After Midterms Week:


Trying to Explain Something to Someone Not In Your Major:


Eating At Home For The Weekend:


Assignment You Forgot About:


When You Meet A Good Person:


When You Meet A Not-Good Person:


When You and Your Friend Try to Go Downtown:


When People Ask Why You Like Hard Classes:


When You Realize You Still Have A Month Until Thanksgiving:

Italy Is a Caterpillar

What You Feel Most of the Time:


What You Feel Always: