Donuts Ga Nai

Yesterday, Fritz, Finn, Sapphire and I attempted to go get really cheap donuts across town. However, by the time we’d arrived, they had freaking sold out. We were sorely disappointed (well, except for Finn, who is apparently on a diet because he’s a skrub). The sale is supposedly happening again tonight, so here’s hoping…


In Which Fritz Vents at 1 A.M.

This post was penned with lovingkindness (lol) by Fritz himself! Enjoy!

So I decided to write for this blog thingy which has been for the longest time simply something very abstract for me…I had not read it. But alas in a fit of somewhat sleep deprived procrastination induced boredom I have decided to write something. Likely just some random ramblings and things because I haven’t a clue about what to write. Mao. Meow. Meo. Meeeeeeoorrrrw. Transliteration of sounds is fun. It’s an Onomatopoeia! Which for a word meaning the transliteration of a sound but doesn’t sound how it is spelled. Foolish English language. I would most enjoy the removal from history whomever decided English should be the commonly spoken language in the US. And Chaucer, I’m not a particular fan of Canterbury tales either. And while I’m complaining about classical literature, just burn Hawthorne at the stake, he failed to do anything useful and he wrote the Scarlet Letter. Also known as the worst American romantic novel ever. Then Tar and Feather Orwell and Huxley. Aren’t we all glad that they’re the exception of Science Fiction becoming more real ever day…but then if >10% of what’s said about Obama is true maybe it is coming true. Also if we want to discuss why people don’t read….middle school English might be a start. The most interesting book we read there was the Hobbit. And Tolkien is not an easy read for the average reading level of middle schoolers(but that’s a problem on its own). Everything else we read in middle school makes me want to drive a stake through my leg. Less literature to raise social awareness and more fostering a love of reading would help. My love of reading came from so called ‘joy’ reading, aka reading without being forced. The only thing my literature education has given me is a deeply held disdain for message fiction. Wow this rant went angry fast….oh well. People should read more American poetry, it’s surprisingly good, particularly Whitman. Whose only piece commonly taught in school is ‘Oh, Captain, My Captain’. Which is far from his best work while still being beautiful. Or maybe Rudyard Kipling, almost all of his work is amazing and you can take some more from it than its bad to hate Jews/blacks/Asians/woman/or random minorities and socialism is good/bad. Alas I think shall relent because if I don’t June May not post this……

Your loving affectionate antisocial Feline