Summer no Owari

The summer semester for those of us taking classes at UNP is coming to a close very soon, thus marking the end of our summer as a whole. Although many of my friends are dreading returning to lives of study and social awkwardness, I’m waiting with an inordinate amount of excitement for classes to start. (Ask my mother, who, when I read her the first chapter of my Inorganic textbook last night, responded with, “I’m booooored.”) Still, that doesn’t mean I haven’t enjoyed my summer.

Family Reunion

A few weeks ago, Finn, Fritz and I met up with Junhi for a Big-Happy-Korean-Family reunion. Although Junhi is not living in 500 again this semester, he is living in the same dorm that we all called home last year, so it felt pretty much like being back at school again.

Finn and I drove to UNP early Wednesday morning, and I finished my Orgo II lab without much incident. Then he and I got in my car to seek food, since we had forgone proper nutrition to get to campus on time. A call from Fritz about magical girls and a call to Junhi about our absence later, we were back in Junhi’s dorm room, awaiting instructions as he browsed through subreddits for Blizzard games.

Like I said, same old.

The first problem arose when, after checking us in, Junhi left us for an undetermined length of time to take a test. Not that we were upset about him taking the test—oh no, we were upset that he abandoned us in his room without a way to get out and with explicit instructions to not eat his food.

(Of course, we could have left, but then he would’ve gotten a penalty for not checking us out, and he could’ve gotten his visitation privileges revoked, so…)

In retaliation, Finn made over his computer, which he calls his first-born child.

Afterwards, we watched three hours worth of animal videos and slowly lost our minds. Beautiful gems that we stumbled across included this, this, and this.

Junhi did eventually return, after a fiasco Fritz (who couldn’t get into the building or have us meet him outside). Since it was eight or so when he returned, we were all thoroughly starving.


A potato from a deli just off campus fixed that, though.

Then we spent the rest of the night watching twenty or so episodes of Hunter x Hunter, which I felt was a productive use of time. (Productive, even though the fight scene we’re watching has been stretched out over fifteen episodes so far.) We finally went to sleep, though, which involved fights over pillows, blankets, and furniture.

The next morning, Junhi made us breakfast.


Yes, that is grilled chicken on a stick.

It was good to be home.


After the family reunion, I went with my dad to the beach to an actual family reunion, where I spent lots of wonderful time with my cousins, sat in the surf for hours, saw dolphins, played with Legos, wrote NaNo on actual paper, witnessed my brother and male cousin wearing dresses, and a whole host of other things. The only thing I have to show for it, though, is a picture I sent Finn the first day we arrived.


Yes. That says 申し申し. As in “moshi moshi.” As in, “Moshi moshi, Weeb desu.”

Kill me.

Monday’s Stress Day (Tralalalala)

After returning home, my siblings and I spent a stressful day at home while various members of our family fought with various other members of my family. Thinking food might put us all in a better mood, Katniss and I suggested buying pizza. The box came with a statement that I’ve been telling my mom for the past three years.

Right on, Domino’s. Next time my mom yells at me for having really bad phone etiquette, I’ll point her to you. Kay? Kay.


Later, we went to Katniss’s cheerleading practice. This picture of Natalia and I was what I sent to Finn to illustrate our current emotional states.

It was all right, though. Food and peppy bow-heads always lighten a mood.


Last week, Scout hosted a Sharknado party to celebrate the premier of Sharknado 3. I hadn’t seen more than five minutes of Sharknado 1 or 2, so I didn’t know what I was getting into when I agreed to go.

The food was good, aside from a bag of peanut-butter Cheetos that someone brought (hopefully as a joke, because they caused pain for everyone). I quickly procured a piece of meat pizza, and we stood around the kitchen chatting and talking about Sharknado trivia. Unfortunately, Finn eventually got to my food.


He also got to the blackboard hanging on the Van Fleit’s wall.

(Yes, that says, “I am the bone of my sword.” [I guess that link has Fate/UBW spoilers?])

The actual movie, however, was… well, it was something.

I’ll just let you watch it yourself. No need to spoil it.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for now! I hope everyone’s having a great last few weeks of summer! Enjoy your free time if you have it, but don’t fret! Look forward to school!

Yes, I know that’s stupidly nerdy. Whatever! I do what I waaaaaant!


College: A Photo Summary, Part 2

We’re over halfway through our third semester here at UNP, and, strangely enough, horrible mishaps have, for the most part, been avoided. Perhaps that’s because we’re a little more experienced at this. Probably, though, it’s because we’re too busy to actually get into trouble. Still, some little things have happened here and there, things that are best explained through pictures.


So, this is the food that we eat here on campus. We brought this up at a Language Partners meeting. A friend: “‘Murica!”


In Japanese class, a classmate decided to revise my notes.


Pretty reaction is pretty…


I didn’t even know I had this picture of Finn, but, yeah, I have it. If I had to hypothesize, I would say this is Finn’s general sentiment.


My mother at a University of Alabama event.


Me, to Natalia: Don’t die.

Katniss: What, you’re not afraid I’ll die?

Me: Nope.

Me: [comes back]

Katniss: [this]


Sister selfies ftw!


Junhi assists people at the parties he goes to with pronouncing his name.


Finn: It a beard!

Bast: Oh, that’s not a beard, honey.

Finn: Whatever!

And finally…

As I was writing this blog post, Finn, who was attempting to * fry steak, set off the freaking fire alarms.


At the *, that is, while I was typing that sentence, it went off again.


Phew. Dang. It’s been a long day. I’m going to go eat steak now.

Haha, there’s a concerned authority figure at the door. We told him we’re fine.

We’re not fine? Whatever. We’re probably okay. Anyway, we do what we want.

College: A Photo Summary, Year 2

A lot seems to have changed in the year since we began our stint here at UNP. Campus isn’t as intimidating. Sapphire and I are not strangers. Nothing seems as big (or as scary), and in general everything seems a lot less exciting than it did as starry-eyed freshmen reveling in our first tastes of freedom. Of course, that doesn’t mean that amusing things haven’t happened since the college quartet was reunited. Quite the contrary. Some thing, I suppose, never change.


One of my first breakfasts in the dorm. That’s right, you’re seeing that correctly: those are plant phyla and marshmallows. I can’t think of a better combination*. (*This is a lie.)


A tired joke, but I couldn’t help myself while studying functional groups.


The night Sapphire returned, we all gathered in her room to watch a movie. I tried to get a picture of Finn’s satisfied smirk at having stolen Sapphire’s spot, but pictures make him make weird faces.


Fritz, after proving that he cannot behave properly sitting on a bed (“Why are your feet on my pillow?”) or in a char (“If they fine us for the Sheetrock damage, we’re charging you for it.”), was exiled to Sapphire’s desk for the evening, which remains his designated seat to this day.


Finn did this absentmindedly—yes, with his teeth. Sapphire and I persistently attempt to train him out of this.


The Student Secular Alliance has resorted to… interesting tactics.


Conspicuously pasted up in the elevator. Fritz: “Oh myyyyy…”


Finn strikes again.

IMG_0980 IMG_0981

Fritz left his room unlocked one weekend, and the Alliance of Students Against Commonplace Stupidity (Finn and I) decided to teach him a lesson. If you look closely, you may see Dankey Kang with a note penned by Sapphire, who claims she wasn’t otherwise involved. If you look closer, you may see the noxious Lysol fumes rising from every surface.


I still haven’t found my berries!


I attended an Auburn football game with my family one weekend. Natalia and I are the hottest ever.


An attempt Finn, Fritz and I made at baking Sapphire a birthday cake. Yes, it does say, “it 4 U.”


So, campus dining thinks this is necessary…


Finn transforms Sapphire’s fiancé, Beau. Finn’s words exactly: “Smashing!”


At one in the morning, Sapphire and I decided to get mozzarella sticks and Finn came along. While there, Finn taught Sapphire how to use chopsticks. This was the result. And yes, that is Sapphire feeding Finn sweet potato fries with straw-chopsticks while strategically avoiding being captured on camera.

Anyway, these are only a few interesting moments of many that have occurred at UNP, coming from the lucky times I had the foresight to whip out my phone and demand a photo. There are many interesting stories to be told, and many more to be written. After all, my friends live on antics and shenanigans, and, although they don’t understand why I write about such things, I do. You know why?

Of course you do. It’s because I do what I want.

A Cooking Disaster

Yesterday, Finn informed me that he had gotten a lot of cooking supplies in the mail, and suggested that we attempt to cook something for dinner.

Sapphire, stating that she didn’t have five hours to devote to grocery shopping and cooking mediocre food, voted to forgo the excursion that Finn and Fritz were planning to take to Walmart. I, however, was not so dissuaded, and left our suite around seven to meet up with said boys for said adventure.

The time we spent traipsing around the store wasn’t wasted necessarily, but I won’t say it was efficiently used. Somewhere along the way I happened to mention to Fritz that I had a recipe for Byelorussian Kolduny, and, upon reading the description of said dish, Fritz demanded that I make it.

Several bags of produce and a carton of fruit punch later, I was peeling potatoes with a butcher knife begged from my suitemate, dicing them on a counter shared with a pathetic excuse for a microwave, and attempting, with every tool and in every manner imaginable, to somehow mince them without a meat grinder.

You think I’m kidding. It came down to Fritz putting them in a plastic bag and beating them with canned chicken. I think Finn’s room may still have potato bits in it.

Eventually we had the brilliant idea of simply mashing the potatoes, and this predicament was quickly tossed aside. However, yet another one arose: the Finn/Fritz/other dudes residence has no seasonings within it.

That made for interestingly flavored meat.

Sapphire, who had visited for a few hours, watched all of this from the couch, only getting up to occasionally try her hand at several different cooking skills (Sapphire, apparently, needs cooking lessons) or to intervene when I looked ready to injure myself in frustration. After spending half an hour or so demanding that I tell her what I’d gotten for her for her birthday (I accidentally mentioned that I may have picked something up, and no, Sapphire, it’s not going on here >:D), she left with a sigh and an, “I told you it wasn’t worth it!”

After a loud fight with the final product of my labors (a soup of potato and meat simmering in a pan) that nearly ended in bloodshed and tears, Fritz shoved me aside and cooked the meal that I had been so determined to make.

Thankfully, one of their suitemates actually seemed to sort of enjoy the concoction. Perhaps the best consolation, however, was that Finn had made brownies at the beginning of the disaster, which were cooled and ready for eating by the time the drama with the actual main course had reached its peak.

After eating two brownies and an amorphous blob of unseasoned potato mash and hamburger, I took my leave, hoping not to create a bigger mess than I already had.

Upon returning to my dorm (at eleven), Sapphire simply looked up from her textbook with a smirk and said, “I told you cooking was too much effort.”

Perhaps she was right. It was quite disastrous.

Whatever… I do what I want.

Just Your Regular Antics

Since Finn moved in two days ago, surprisingly, not many more misadventures have occurred than are usual for Fritz and I.

I awoke yesterday morning, alone and yearning for social interaction, around nine in the morning. I studied for a bit (a preemptive attack against first- and second-week stress) and texted Fritz something inconsequential to see if he was awake.

Several hours later, around eleven or so, I send a text about getting lunch and finally get a response, saying something along the lines of, “Meet us in the lobby.”

Five minutes later, and I am walking with two sleepy fools to my car parked somewhere ridiculously close to our dorm.

Finn and Fritz had, apparently, been sleeping until about five minutes before I sent the second text, which, while unsurprising, still entertained me on some vague level.

We somehow managed to venture to a Momma Goldberg’s and get food in spite of what must have been the entire population of Birmingham crammed into a space only slightly larger than my suite’s kitchen/dining room/living room.

After eating in a sketchy-but-not-overbearingly-sketchy park and basically flopping around on the table for half an hour, we ventured to the mall (which was twenty minutes away) in hopes of entertaining and distracting ourselves with Boba tea.

The mall freakin’ replaced the Boba tea stand with an ice cream stand.

In retaliation (?), we loitered in GameStop for probably half an hour as Finn played through what I would assume was the majority of a Lego: Avengers demo. 

We then returned to our uninteresting little campus, where we bought snow cones and basically just lurked around.

Fritz also made donuts (fried biscuits) at some point during the evening, so there was that.

In summary: chaos has yet to descend upon us. I suppose we should enjoy it while it lasts.

I just hope this isn’t the calm before the storm.

(By the way, guess who doesn’t have class today?

This chick. Yeaaaaaah.

You know why?

I do what I waaaaant!)

An Isolated Extrovert

I am June Watson, resident extrovert, isolated in a room all of my own. Yes, you read that correctly. I have my own room in my dorm suite masquerading as an apartment, and I am complaining. Why? Because there’s no one here to bother!

Hello, any readers of mine who remain! It’s good to be back! You’d have thought, with the three month interim between my terms in college, that I’d have written more on this blog, but that has proven not to be the case. So, sorry about that, heh. Now that school is starting back, I’m sure I’ll be searching for some kind of escape, and this is just the outlet a person like me (read: a person prone to babbling) needs.

Not that there haven’t been misadventures while I’ve been away. Let’s see… what have you missed?

A flopped attempt at a book series. Friend drama. Water park antics. Caffeinated antics. Pathfinder (Dungeons & Dragons, basically) campaigns. Hours spent in the park after dark. An anime convention. More friend drama. A trip to Niagara Falls and Canada. NaNoWriMo. Sword Art Online fangirling. My blinker falling off of my car.

Yep, that’s basically the gist of it.

What can you expect from my future blog posts, then?

College antics, take two. Cooking mishaps, probably. Drama, almost certainly. Weeks in between posts, definitely.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?

I kid, mostly. I guess you’ll just have to stick around and see which things I was kidding about, eh?

Anyway, it’s good to be back! Hopefully this year will yield plenty of fun adventures for me to write about!

Until something interesting happens (read: Finn moves in and has to start rooming with Fritz), I guess I’ll be off eating marshmallows and listening to pop music, because, you know what, flamers?

I do what I want!

Good Day

Finn and I went to a chemistry study session last night that featured one boy dancing to and singing “Single Ladies,” another boy and I talking about the remarkable properties of Krypton (things I knew nothing about until Finn told me), a girl with the same name as me and I singing “Kryptonite” dramatically while she wrote problems on the whiteboard, one boy discovering creative ways to flip people off, another girl remarking that surfing the internet instead of doing homework is extremely productive, and yet another boy asking if he could date Finn and teaching us about comics we never wanted to know existed.

People are cool.

Not Even Moses

A quote from a boy in one of my classes:

“This hair is straight from the Mother Land. Seriously, not even Moses could part it.”


I laughed really hard, and he nodded at me like it was the most obvious thing to say in the world.