We Made A Thing

If there’s one thing we teenagers know how to do, it’s make stuff. As scatterbrained, misdirected and downright useless as some of us can be sometimes when it comes to actual work, we still manage to make things. Below is a list of links to things that each of us has made.

Finn Hooper:

(Also featuring Eric):

War, Terrible War

June Watson:

Her deviantART Account

Conflicting Interests Go! (Tumblr)

In Your Own Words (study tool for her, study tool for you!)

Fritz Braun

His FanFiction.net Profile

Sherly Holmes:

Polymathgical (Tumblr)

Perfectly Honest

Group Projects:

Finn and Scout (Produced by Irene!)

Little Car, Big Parking Lot

Irene, Kitty, June, Scout, Cynthia and Amelia:


Apocalypse, Pls, the Movie:

Writers: Sherly, Finn, June
Actors: Sherly, Finn, June, Scout, Eric, Natalia, Marty, Alistair
Editor: Finn

The Blooper Reel

The Original Webstory


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