Summer no Owari

The summer semester for those of us taking classes at UNP is coming to a close very soon, thus marking the end of our summer as a whole. Although many of my friends are dreading returning to lives of study and social awkwardness, I’m waiting with an inordinate amount of excitement for classes to start. (Ask my mother, who, when I read her the first chapter of my Inorganic textbook last night, responded with, “I’m booooored.”) Still, that doesn’t mean I haven’t enjoyed my summer.

Family Reunion

A few weeks ago, Finn, Fritz and I met up with Junhi for a Big-Happy-Korean-Family reunion. Although Junhi is not living in 500 again this semester, he is living in the same dorm that we all called home last year, so it felt pretty much like being back at school again.

Finn and I drove to UNP early Wednesday morning, and I finished my Orgo II lab without much incident. Then he and I got in my car to seek food, since we had forgone proper nutrition to get to campus on time. A call from Fritz about magical girls and a call to Junhi about our absence later, we were back in Junhi’s dorm room, awaiting instructions as he browsed through subreddits for Blizzard games.

Like I said, same old.

The first problem arose when, after checking us in, Junhi left us for an undetermined length of time to take a test. Not that we were upset about him taking the test—oh no, we were upset that he abandoned us in his room without a way to get out and with explicit instructions to not eat his food.

(Of course, we could have left, but then he would’ve gotten a penalty for not checking us out, and he could’ve gotten his visitation privileges revoked, so…)

In retaliation, Finn made over his computer, which he calls his first-born child.

Afterwards, we watched three hours worth of animal videos and slowly lost our minds. Beautiful gems that we stumbled across included this, this, and this.

Junhi did eventually return, after a fiasco Fritz (who couldn’t get into the building or have us meet him outside). Since it was eight or so when he returned, we were all thoroughly starving.


A potato from a deli just off campus fixed that, though.

Then we spent the rest of the night watching twenty or so episodes of Hunter x Hunter, which I felt was a productive use of time. (Productive, even though the fight scene we’re watching has been stretched out over fifteen episodes so far.) We finally went to sleep, though, which involved fights over pillows, blankets, and furniture.

The next morning, Junhi made us breakfast.


Yes, that is grilled chicken on a stick.

It was good to be home.


After the family reunion, I went with my dad to the beach to an actual family reunion, where I spent lots of wonderful time with my cousins, sat in the surf for hours, saw dolphins, played with Legos, wrote NaNo on actual paper, witnessed my brother and male cousin wearing dresses, and a whole host of other things. The only thing I have to show for it, though, is a picture I sent Finn the first day we arrived.


Yes. That says 申し申し. As in “moshi moshi.” As in, “Moshi moshi, Weeb desu.”

Kill me.

Monday’s Stress Day (Tralalalala)

After returning home, my siblings and I spent a stressful day at home while various members of our family fought with various other members of my family. Thinking food might put us all in a better mood, Katniss and I suggested buying pizza. The box came with a statement that I’ve been telling my mom for the past three years.

Right on, Domino’s. Next time my mom yells at me for having really bad phone etiquette, I’ll point her to you. Kay? Kay.


Later, we went to Katniss’s cheerleading practice. This picture of Natalia and I was what I sent to Finn to illustrate our current emotional states.

It was all right, though. Food and peppy bow-heads always lighten a mood.


Last week, Scout hosted a Sharknado party to celebrate the premier of Sharknado 3. I hadn’t seen more than five minutes of Sharknado 1 or 2, so I didn’t know what I was getting into when I agreed to go.

The food was good, aside from a bag of peanut-butter Cheetos that someone brought (hopefully as a joke, because they caused pain for everyone). I quickly procured a piece of meat pizza, and we stood around the kitchen chatting and talking about Sharknado trivia. Unfortunately, Finn eventually got to my food.


He also got to the blackboard hanging on the Van Fleit’s wall.

(Yes, that says, “I am the bone of my sword.” [I guess that link has Fate/UBW spoilers?])

The actual movie, however, was… well, it was something.

I’ll just let you watch it yourself. No need to spoil it.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for now! I hope everyone’s having a great last few weeks of summer! Enjoy your free time if you have it, but don’t fret! Look forward to school!

Yes, I know that’s stupidly nerdy. Whatever! I do what I waaaaaant!


The Vortex Club

So, I retrieved my iPad from my mother for the first time in ages and decided to go through old notes, since I, as someone who likes writing, often used to jot ideas down there and forget about them. While there, I discovered a pitch for a book that our very own Scout came up with one day while we were in high school. It was so good, I thought I’d post it here for everyone’s enjoyment. Without further ado, I present to you “The Vortex Club.”

A group of friends goes to school every day, but when they open their classroom door, they’re sucked into a vortex. The vortex spits them out a few seconds later, but to everyone else it’s the end of the school day. Then, one day, the kids get sucked into the vortex and it doesn’t spit them out AND THEY DIE HAHAHAHA.

The end.

Studying? More like watching Netflix, amirite?

Yesterday, Sapphire, Finn and I went to listen to the Dalai Lama and several neuroscientists talk about neuroplasticity. It was an interesting few hours (that involved several jokes and Bill, who was randomly assigned to the seat beside me, studying for the MCAT), but because it was so early in the morning, we spent the rest of the day, essentially, like zombies.


Photographic proof that we were indeed present and somewhat awake. (If you’re good at I-spy, you’ll be able to spot Finn down several rows in a grey cardigan. Sapphire wasn’t yet present, but she ended up on the other side of that general area.)

Afterward, we met up with Scout (who was here for Friday and Saturday), Junhi, Scout’s friend and Scout’s friend’s friends and went to get a late lunch at Chik-fil-a. Our Chik-fil-a, with its bizarre architecture, has what I assume is a “conference room,” and Sapphire, Finn, Fritz and I normally steal it to eat in despite the fact that we barely fill it. This time, we took up every chair. I took a picture and promptly had to explain myself.


All of us in the Chik-fil-a introvert room. Finn is in the front, Scout is to the left, Sapphire is hiding behind Scout, Amelia (Scout’s friend) is in the back, one of Amelia’s friends is beside her, and Junhi and the other are hidden behind Finn’s head.

Afterward, Scout, Finn and I drove around town causing antics and shenanigans. We went to a local nerd shop (card, tabletop RPG, video game and thrift shop in one), and then we milled about a Whole Foods while Scout searched for vegan Cheez-its. While there, we found an olive bar.


Eventually, though, Scout returned to her college, and Finn and I (as well as Sapphire) went to sleep and didn’t awake until late this morning/early this afternoon.

I awoke and studied animal taxonomy, and then Sapphire, Fritz and I went to get lunch. After returning, I sought the third floor whiteboard and wrote all of the taxonomical information I’ll have to know for Wednesday’s lab test.


After writing this, I added, “Future Bio students, good luck.” Sapphire laughed and added, “Past students, congratulations!” Then Sapphire and I returned to our room, where we ate giant marshmallows, studied chemistry, and watched The Mentalist.

All that, and it’s not even midnight yet.

(Watching TV and studying together is a bad idea, you say? Whatever, we do what we want!)

Many Friends, All Lovely

A late-night musing before I go off to study chemistry.

I have many types of friends.

I have the friend who messages me regularly to make sure I’ve eaten and slept.

I have the friend who knows exactly how I feel and exactly what to say to make me feel better.

I have the friend who gets me into all sorts of trouble, but always manages to get us out of it somehow.

I have the friend who messages me life updates long-distance.

I have the friend who shouts my name whenever we pass each other in the hall.

I have the friend who pats me on the shoulder and says, “Hello, dear.”

I have the friend who tells me I’m “such a sweetheart” and that I’m a welcome face.

I have the friend who shares a very strong mutual interest that we can’t stop talking about.

I have the friend who laughs when I procrastinate and says, “This is why you can’t have nice things, June!”

I have many friends, and they are all lovely.

Old Pictures We Will Never Live Down

I was sifting through the photos on my iPad last night while Sapphire was reading a fantasy book on her phone. What I found once I got past all of the mundane college pictures made me giggle manically. They remind me of old times (and things our kids will be able to hold over us, probably.) I told Finn I was going to post them—I didn’t lie, did I?


This one is the least horrible—in fact, I think it’s rather cute, honestly. ^^ What boy could resist Scout’s boy-catching face when she was wearing a Burger King crown?


Finn found the box his church set up to collect stuff for him to take to college with him. When asked why he climbed in it, he responded, “It was my box, dangit!”


Unhappy Finn is unhappy about Sherly and I making him go on the Tower of Terror three times, and we know why.

(You did this to meeeee!!!)


This is what happens when Finn is late for a movie we agreed to see. (There are more where this came from, but this one was my favorite.)


Natalia, my sister, is the most attractive person on the planet, bar none.


No objections will be accepted.


A meme my other sister, Katniss, made and saved to my iPad.


I had never made a duck-face before. I feel I succeeded.


Actually, this one is relatively recent. This was both amusing and disturbing.


Finn and Eric’s sister is the queen of boy-catching faces. (I actually really love this picture; it always makes me laugh. If Pinky wants it taken down, though, I can delete it.)


Another of Scout’s boy-catching faces, and proof that she is unable to actually look legitimately unattractive making faces.

Sorry, guys… Are you ready to kill me yet? I mean, I know most people don’t put embarrassing pictures of themselves on the internet, but I do what I want!

Antics: Breakin’ Curfew Like Bosses

As those who watch this blog know, life has been a bit hectic the past few weeks. However, the absence of blog posts certainly does not equate to an absence of antics among our group of friends.

Wednesday, Scout, Eric, Finn, Natalia, Scout’s younger sister Lovett and I went to a dollar movie.

Well, that’s not entirely accurate. It’d be closer to the truth to say we did everything except watch a dollar movie for the better portion of the evening.

After Natalia and I arrived at the theater (in once piece, surprisingly, despite my being the driver), all of us derped around inside for a bit. We did a lot of talking, Finn bought an impossibly sweet Icee knock-off, and we elected to see a late movie and hang out in the meantime.

A few phone calls and a short and somewhat eventful walk to a nearby Petco later (Stay away from the homeless man sleeping behind the building!), we were looking at ferrets, cockatiels and orange cats named after zodiac signs/constellations.

Turns out, Finn is going to be a movie director who always has a ferret sitting on his shoulder, cockatiels are flesh-eating monsters native to Australia, and Orion the Cat should have been named Onion.

We wandered into Walmart next, talk shifting to romantic supermarket scenarios (there are none), the vegan-ness of sundry pastries and things to do with Cornish hens.

Eventually we escaped without buying much of anything (which most people know is nearly impossible). Our only purchases were two lime-flavored Red Bulls, a green tea Monster, and whatever Eric got when we weren’t looking.

Our next stop was Tellini’s for dinner. Natalia and I ordered personal pizzas, while the others got various pastas and sandwiches. We sat around the table, gawking at the size of the “personal-sized” (not personal-sized) pizzas that were brought to our table and talking about Sherly on caffeine.

After returning to the theater, we piled into Finn’s car (well, his Mum’s van) and rode to Starbucks. The whole way there we listened to music turned up a bit too loud and talked about stem cell research.

Our time spent at the coffee shop was surprisingly uneventful. We tried to FaceTime Sherly about seventeen times, and took pictures of our irritated facial expressions to send her when we couldn’t get through. I drank a mocha frappe without the coffee (Natalia got it for me—it was actually pretty good), Scout texted Eric, who was in the car for a little while, Finn showed us a YouTube video of cats being jerks, and we made an album cover for “God Bless These Fat Bears.”

We drove back to the theater and bought our tickets for the nine-fifty showing of The Internship. (All of us had permission to see it at nine-thirty, so twenty minutes didn’t seem that off.) Unfortunately, it was only nine at the time. Boredom got the best of us, and all of us ended up sitting in stiff chairs with Natalia and Lovett randomly sifting their fingers through our hair, spending ten dollars on a crane-esque game just to prove that people who played them were stupid, talking about the new Pac-Man show and watching Eric play Galaga.

When the movie finally started, we sat in the theater making snarky remarks about trivia and fake-shouting at the only other people in the room with us. The whole length of the film, I kept leaning over and whispering comments to Finn and Scout, all of us laughing about how ludicrous the villain was and the awkwardness of some of the scenes.

The movie let out at midnight—yikes! That was a bit later than expected—and we walked into the parking lot, threatening to leave yet never completely able to stop taking. We saw a Luna moth and talked about Scout and Lovett being werewolves… but when the street lights went out, we knew it was our cue to get home.

The next morning my mum was very upset that we’d been out all night. Now she’s completely and utterly convinced that we legal adults do what we want.

A Sendoff for Sherly

Today marks an important day for Sherly: She is officially a college student. While we are very proud of her, not to mention happy for her, all of us (her friends at home) already miss her dearly.

We knew they were coming, but that didn’t make the goodbyes any easier.

Sherly, if you manage to find the time to read this, Finn, Scout and I (and probably the others, too) would like to say something to you:

(To shamelessly quote phrases that Sherly and Finn, in that order, wrote for Apocalypse, Pls:)

Though this may be the end of times, it’s certainly not the end of us. We’re family, and family stays family forever.

Study hard, have fun, make friends, and be a boss. Just remember, we’re always here for you.

Current Goal: Go All the Places!

A few weeks ago, entirely on a whim (as the likes of -NFPs operate), I decided to see how long it would take to drive to Toronto from my and my friend’s university.

Several emails and a planner detour to Oklahoma City (to pick up a friend [Sherly] bound for college there) later, we were taking a biking trip that was to take a little over a week solid. A playlist of overwhelmingly awesome quality was created, and it was decided that anyone who argued with the music selection was to be punished with a wheel of their bike being confiscated and their hands being chopped off.

Cruel and unusual punishment? We’re not the American judicial system, you gais. [shakes head]

Although a voice of reason, a very introverted companion of ours (Scout) who pointed out that it would be more cost effective to take a train to New York, or, you know, drive, talked us mostly out of our taxing escapade, the desire to take spontaneous road trips still burns brightly in the  -NFPs’ passionate hearts.

[cue dramatic clutching of chest, victorious music, and an American flag flapping in the background.]

Needless to say, the flames of enthusiasm that smolder within us cannot be extinguished with paltry attempts to point out how completely ludicrous our travel plans are. We are the dreamers of tomorrow, the very spirit of the United States of America, and we shall not be silenced! 

[ahem] No more caffeine for me.

So, yes. We shall travel. We shall see the world (or at least the North American continent, since you can’t drive across oceans yet). We shall do all these things when we like and how we like, because we’re Americans, and Americans are free, man!

[pauses, reads the Nutrition Facts on drink]

What? You’re worried we’ll end up stranded in Winnipeg? Stopped by border control? Arrested for driving over the speed limit or doing any number of other idiotic things that, in general, a person should have the sense not to do in the first place?

Whatever. In the eternal words of our friend Sherly,

We do what we want!