In Japanese Class





先生:そう?![runs across room, points, yells] 学生はだめな学生です!だめ!


Japanese Professor: Right, go on, then.

Japanese Student: “Teacher is a good teacher.”

Professor: Oh, is that so? Thank—

Student: Teacher is a bad teacher. (Heh heh~)

Teacher: Really?! [runs across room, points, yells] Student is a bad student! Bad!!

Class: [loud laughter]

If you speak fluent Japanese, please don’t kill me… 私は日本語102の学生です。


Things Irritated-Sapphire Says

Sapphire: Boys are dumb and deserve…

Me: Oh, haha, I thought you said, “Boys are dumb as dessert,” since I’m used to Finn saying “X is dumb as rocks.”

Sapphire: Boys are dumb as rocks. Boys are dumber than rocks! At least rocks know when to be quiet!

Old Pictures We Will Never Live Down

I was sifting through the photos on my iPad last night while Sapphire was reading a fantasy book on her phone. What I found once I got past all of the mundane college pictures made me giggle manically. They remind me of old times (and things our kids will be able to hold over us, probably.) I told Finn I was going to post them—I didn’t lie, did I?


This one is the least horrible—in fact, I think it’s rather cute, honestly. ^^ What boy could resist Scout’s boy-catching face when she was wearing a Burger King crown?


Finn found the box his church set up to collect stuff for him to take to college with him. When asked why he climbed in it, he responded, “It was my box, dangit!”


Unhappy Finn is unhappy about Sherly and I making him go on the Tower of Terror three times, and we know why.

(You did this to meeeee!!!)


This is what happens when Finn is late for a movie we agreed to see. (There are more where this came from, but this one was my favorite.)


Natalia, my sister, is the most attractive person on the planet, bar none.


No objections will be accepted.


A meme my other sister, Katniss, made and saved to my iPad.


I had never made a duck-face before. I feel I succeeded.


Actually, this one is relatively recent. This was both amusing and disturbing.


Finn and Eric’s sister is the queen of boy-catching faces. (I actually really love this picture; it always makes me laugh. If Pinky wants it taken down, though, I can delete it.)


Another of Scout’s boy-catching faces, and proof that she is unable to actually look legitimately unattractive making faces.

Sorry, guys… Are you ready to kill me yet? I mean, I know most people don’t put embarrassing pictures of themselves on the internet, but I do what I want!

A Tribute to My Chemistry Professor

Alternatively Titled, “Things June’s Professor Says.”

I’m in a relatively small General Chemistry class (probably somewhere around thirty students), and our professor is in charge of a lot of Important Honors Chemistry things. He’s incredibly amusing and almost definitely an INTP. Here are some things he’s said only in the past few weeks:

“They’re very communistic in that regard.”

“Organic chemists make more money because they can sell drugs on the side at night on street corners. Analytical chemists, on the other hand, are the only ones who do things that matter.”

“… This shouldn’t upset your world that much.”

“How many people had this in high school? … How many liked it? Ha!”

“Here’s how I explain how VSEPR works: If two girls wear the same dress to prom, they won’t stand next to each other. Two guys wearing the same tux wouldn’t notice. I probably sound sexist, but you know I’m probably right.”

“Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. When we read we begin with A-B-C. When we do electron configurations, we begin with N, L, Nl.”

[Of neon lights] “I have no idea what’s going on.”

[In response to a student asking why he did something]: “Because!”

“Turns out what I’m telling you is a lie.”

“Whatever lights your fire. Just go with it.”

Needless to say, I love chemistry. Most of the class is spent learning things about electron configurations while our professor does what he wants.


Our People Indeed

Last night, Finn and I went to a chemistry study session organized by a girl in my chem class. After trying in vain to do homework for a few hours in the study room on our floor, we relocated to the library (and Starbucks!). A boy we met in the group, Fox, started talking to Finn and I about comics and such. Finn pulled up our eighty page “Apocalypse, Pls” script on my computer and started describing the fight scene between Ivan and Sozai in vivid detail.

“… Man, so the dude gets freakin’ punched in the face, and he’s supposed to say, ‘mother—’ and then collapse…”

Fox looked a bit dazed at first, but soon turned a curious, disarmed look on me and asked, “Are you dating him?”

Both of us responded with, “No.”

Without changing facial expressions at all, he asked, “Can I?”