Current Goal: Go All the Places!

A few weeks ago, entirely on a whim (as the likes of -NFPs operate), I decided to see how long it would take to drive to Toronto from my and my friend’s university.

Several emails and a planner detour to Oklahoma City (to pick up a friend [Sherly] bound for college there) later, we were taking a biking trip that was to take a little over a week solid. A playlist of overwhelmingly awesome quality was created, and it was decided that anyone who argued with the music selection was to be punished with a wheel of their bike being confiscated and their hands being chopped off.

Cruel and unusual punishment? We’re not the American judicial system, you gais. [shakes head]

Although a voice of reason, a very introverted companion of ours (Scout) who pointed out that it would be more cost effective to take a train to New York, or, you know, drive, talked us mostly out of our taxing escapade, the desire to take spontaneous road trips still burns brightly in the  -NFPs’ passionate hearts.

[cue dramatic clutching of chest, victorious music, and an American flag flapping in the background.]

Needless to say, the flames of enthusiasm that smolder within us cannot be extinguished with paltry attempts to point out how completely ludicrous our travel plans are. We are the dreamers of tomorrow, the very spirit of the United States of America, and we shall not be silenced! 

[ahem] No more caffeine for me.

So, yes. We shall travel. We shall see the world (or at least the North American continent, since you can’t drive across oceans yet). We shall do all these things when we like and how we like, because we’re Americans, and Americans are free, man!

[pauses, reads the Nutrition Facts on drink]

What? You’re worried we’ll end up stranded in Winnipeg? Stopped by border control? Arrested for driving over the speed limit or doing any number of other idiotic things that, in general, a person should have the sense not to do in the first place?

Whatever. In the eternal words of our friend Sherly,

We do what we want!