NaNoWriMo 2015: Terms and Conditions

Hello, everyone! It’s been a while! I’ve been meaning to write a proper, meaty post for some time now, but I’ve been too busy doing stupid school-related things such as studying. (Proof: I’ve been posting a lot more over at Said In Your Own Words, where I’ve quickly learned that I’m annoyed with WordPress for not having superscript and subscript hotkeys. Like, what’s up with that? If Google Drive can do it…)

Still, I’ve been studying all morning, and as a small reward for keeping myself “fed” and “hydrated,” I’m writing the obligatory NaNoWriMo post.

Yes, you read correctly. In spite of the fact that I haven’t had enough time to drop a line on my blog every week or so, somehow the squad has decided that we have enough time to write a novel. I originally was planning on giving up after giving it a day or two of the good ol’ college try, but then they brought competition into it, and, well… that makes it more fun.

(I’m gonna wIN DANGIT)

Junhi and Sapphire have both opted to forego the NaNoing this year, Sapphire because she’s a responsible adult with actual things to do, and Junhi because he’d rather be distracting and just sit there in the same room and watch Twitch videos of people playing Overwatch—

[ahem] Anyway, it’s four days in, and Finn, Fritz and I have managed to stick to it. How, you ask? Well, you see, we’ve got a rather elaborate setup going.

Every night, the three of us get together after a long day of studying and do what we call “word sprints.” I’m not sure if these count as proper word sprints, since I’m not sure what NaNo means when they say “word sprints,” but essentially, we set a timer for fifteen minutes, turn on our music (Fritz has taken a liking to a certain song of dubious appropriateness), and write like our lives depend on it. At the end of the sprint, everyone who clears the minimum word requirement (I think it’s 250?) gets a point, and then we’re assigned additional points based on our placing. (I think first gets two additional, and second gets one additional?) At the end of the month, whoever has the most gets taken out to dinner by the people that they beat.

(We’re sticking to it, too. There’s a chart on the wall of 500 with our standings on it, because heck yeah.)

That’s not the most important prize, however. No, we’re competing for a much more prestigious title. You see, whoever wins NaNo first earns themselves the valued title of Kamisama.

(Second place gets Kamichama, and third place gets something derogatory… I’m not sure if we’ve settled on it yet.)

Yep, this is serious bizz. I’m making a sash and everything.

It’s entirely likely that the novelty of this stupid rivalry will have worn off in a week, but until then, here’s to noveling! (Also, here’s to my determination to get those skrubs to buy me dinner and call me Kamisama until next November!)

Yeah, I know I have other things I should be doing.

Shhhhh. It’s NaNo. I do what I want.

(Okay, so the story behind the “kamisama” thing is that, from my understanding, Fritz once demonstrated to Finn that he was capable of “seductively peeling an orange.” He then insisted that this capacity made him deserving of the title “Kamisama.” It has since become a meme, as well as a highly prestigious title. Or whatever.)

(Like, how do you even seductively peel an orange?)

(You know what, I don’t want to know.)


Tests are Forever

Hello, all! This is just a brief check-in to tell any of my followers who care that I haven’t, in fact, died! Rather, I’m studying for my next round of tests, along with Sapphire, Finn, Junhi and Fritz. It seems like it’s an eternal cycle of tests, a day break, more tests, a day break… But maybe it’ll end soonish. YEAh rIGHT.

(The kazoo is always. The kazoo is everywhere. The kazoo is forever.)

In Which Fritz Vents at 1 A.M.

This post was penned with lovingkindness (lol) by Fritz himself! Enjoy!

So I decided to write for this blog thingy which has been for the longest time simply something very abstract for me…I had not read it. But alas in a fit of somewhat sleep deprived procrastination induced boredom I have decided to write something. Likely just some random ramblings and things because I haven’t a clue about what to write. Mao. Meow. Meo. Meeeeeeoorrrrw. Transliteration of sounds is fun. It’s an Onomatopoeia! Which for a word meaning the transliteration of a sound but doesn’t sound how it is spelled. Foolish English language. I would most enjoy the removal from history whomever decided English should be the commonly spoken language in the US. And Chaucer, I’m not a particular fan of Canterbury tales either. And while I’m complaining about classical literature, just burn Hawthorne at the stake, he failed to do anything useful and he wrote the Scarlet Letter. Also known as the worst American romantic novel ever. Then Tar and Feather Orwell and Huxley. Aren’t we all glad that they’re the exception of Science Fiction becoming more real ever day…but then if >10% of what’s said about Obama is true maybe it is coming true. Also if we want to discuss why people don’t read….middle school English might be a start. The most interesting book we read there was the Hobbit. And Tolkien is not an easy read for the average reading level of middle schoolers(but that’s a problem on its own). Everything else we read in middle school makes me want to drive a stake through my leg. Less literature to raise social awareness and more fostering a love of reading would help. My love of reading came from so called ‘joy’ reading, aka reading without being forced. The only thing my literature education has given me is a deeply held disdain for message fiction. Wow this rant went angry fast….oh well. People should read more American poetry, it’s surprisingly good, particularly Whitman. Whose only piece commonly taught in school is ‘Oh, Captain, My Captain’. Which is far from his best work while still being beautiful. Or maybe Rudyard Kipling, almost all of his work is amazing and you can take some more from it than its bad to hate Jews/blacks/Asians/woman/or random minorities and socialism is good/bad. Alas I think shall relent because if I don’t June May not post this……

Your loving affectionate antisocial Feline


Many Friends, All Lovely

A late-night musing before I go off to study chemistry.

I have many types of friends.

I have the friend who messages me regularly to make sure I’ve eaten and slept.

I have the friend who knows exactly how I feel and exactly what to say to make me feel better.

I have the friend who gets me into all sorts of trouble, but always manages to get us out of it somehow.

I have the friend who messages me life updates long-distance.

I have the friend who shouts my name whenever we pass each other in the hall.

I have the friend who pats me on the shoulder and says, “Hello, dear.”

I have the friend who tells me I’m “such a sweetheart” and that I’m a welcome face.

I have the friend who shares a very strong mutual interest that we can’t stop talking about.

I have the friend who laughs when I procrastinate and says, “This is why you can’t have nice things, June!”

I have many friends, and they are all lovely.