My Friends

If you think people get better than these, you’re absolutely wrong.

(Context: Sapphire just gave me a Reece’s cup ^^)


An Overwhelming Sort of Contentment

The weather is nice. It’s cool but sunny, and a lot of cheerful freshmen and easygoing sophomores are casually playing sports on the Green. There’s a pair of guys darting around on a tandem bike, grinning widely at the weird looks they’re getting in the process.

Classes are fun. Yes, all of them. My classmates are conversational and my partners conspiratorial, making even the most inane subjects amusing.

More and more often, Sapphire, who is taking Spanish, joins me in my insistent use of foreign  language in conversation, so that our conversations take on the form of, “¿Tienes hambre?” “Hai—WoW ni ikimashou!”

Group meals are extremely common, and relatively frequently, Fritz or Finn will cook something for all of us to share, and Sapphire and I will sit in their dorm until late at night, eating rice and drinking Cheerwine or Mountain Dew and talking with their roommates about video games or languages until we get too delirious to carry on a proper conversation.

Things can be stressful and sometimes dramatic here, but overall, life is good. All in all, I’ve got nothing to complain about. ^^

Bible Study

Tonight Fritz and I, inadvertently, attended a very crowded Bible study.

Not that we would’ve avoided the Bible study. It’s just that I was simply told, “Dinner tonight, bring a friend!” My entire thought process was, naturally, “People I like? Food? Yiss!”

No lie. That was basically all I thought.

I’m not sure if I dragged Fritz with me or if he came of his own accord, but when we arrived we were the only guests in the house. We were greeted by my Bible study leader, Clara, and her husband, who are both very nice. In spite of this fact, I was left with a fleeting moment of panic where I wondered if we were the only people who would be showing up.

Quite the contrary, past self. It just so happens that you wouldn’t know anyone else who showed up.

Conversation started disjointedly, with swapped stories about experiences, past or present, at the University of Nerds and Premeds. Fritz launched into a rather elaborate description of tabletop RPGs, which was met with confusion by a pair of UNP graduate students and a knowing smirk from Clara’s husband. After probably half an hour of various stories about working in medical professions, a blessing was said, and we were called to a meal.

Second panic attack: I am an absurdly picky eater. I was afraid I’d offend someone by not expressing extreme pleasure in eating everything.

Turns out, I ate basically everything there.

We were then given very simple hymnals, and the whole table was led in a couple of songs accompanied by a guitar. It was one of those awkward sing-alongs where you certainly don’t know the songs, and you’re not sure if everyone else does or not, but they’re not giving you any clues that they’re lost.

It was nice, though. We did a Bible reading, a short lesson that involved everyone reading aloud, and then groups broke off and began talking about anything and everything. I felt extremely awkward, sitting at the table as Fritz proved himself to be a conversationalist beside me, but eventually several women (and a bowl of chocolate—free, dark chocolate, guys) got me to open up and chat about moving into the dorms. I was just getting to relaying some stories about the misadventures of Sapphire, Fritz, June and Finn when I realized that almost everyone had left.

Fritz and I left and managed to get back with minor incident, the only hiccup perhaps that I’d forgotten to turn on the GPS before I’d turned the car on.

All in all, it was lovely. There was Bible study, music, nice people, and conversation about art, writing, science and math.

And we even came away with leftovers. In boxes with little smiley faces on them.

(Like this –> 🙂 )

Moral of the story: go on adventures and talk to people, because it may ultimately be fun, even if, in the beginning, you’re not doing what you want.

Many Friends, All Lovely

A late-night musing before I go off to study chemistry.

I have many types of friends.

I have the friend who messages me regularly to make sure I’ve eaten and slept.

I have the friend who knows exactly how I feel and exactly what to say to make me feel better.

I have the friend who gets me into all sorts of trouble, but always manages to get us out of it somehow.

I have the friend who messages me life updates long-distance.

I have the friend who shouts my name whenever we pass each other in the hall.

I have the friend who pats me on the shoulder and says, “Hello, dear.”

I have the friend who tells me I’m “such a sweetheart” and that I’m a welcome face.

I have the friend who shares a very strong mutual interest that we can’t stop talking about.

I have the friend who laughs when I procrastinate and says, “This is why you can’t have nice things, June!”

I have many friends, and they are all lovely.