Yesterday, we went to see one set of my grandparents in Florida.

One set of my grandparents and five of my cousins.

In case you don’t know me and my siblings, this means that there are ten children under the age of twenty (I’m the oldest of them) crammed into a space meant for a small family.

Good times to be had by all.

Upon arriving last night, we ate a late Thanksgiving meal and sat around a very small table with our cousins playing a very elaborate game of musical chairs that might have been titled, “If You Get Up, You’re Chair’s Fair Game.” We ate two bags of popcorn and part of a cheeseball and told stories about our friends and relatives. Cousins’ stories involved driving and trip antics. My stories involved creatively rewording previous blog posts and showing pictures of my family and friends to uninterested people.

Then we attempted to occupy ourselves in another room. For an hour, we attempted to manipulate our younger siblings into leaving the room so we could play a round or so of the awkward question game without them having blackmail material to hold over us later. After this endeavor proved to be useless, we set up our beds (several air mattresses and a palette made of cushions) and started watching Netflix.

In the middle of the night, nefarious and mischievous antics occurred which shall not be disclosed.

This morning, we awoke at a ridiculously late hour, attempted to go Black Friday shopping, and watched our grandmother cook in a most unhelpful manner. I also gave a visual demonstration of my youngest brother’s apparent lack of body weight by flipping him upside-down with one arm.

Now we’re watching videos of our youngest cousin/brother and waiting for dinner with eagerness. Overall, not a bad day.

What? I have lots of homework due next week?

Yeah… whatever. I do what I want.


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