I’m going to make this kthxbai.

At the same time as I was working on Buizel, I started on another Pokemon that seemed pretty easy to do.  Wobbuffet is probably amongst the most odd of pokemon, but I think his oddness makes him more endearing, plus he was alot of fun to make and pose.  He never really was one I thought I would make, but I have fallen in love with his Wobbish charm: his squinty eyes, huge bizarre grin, and his wide open arms.  (Not to mention his beaver tail).   I feel like I’m sounding crazy but you’ll know what I mean when you make him.


Blue, black yarn


sewing needle

G hook



Round 1: sc 8 in MR

Round 2: *2 sc in each sc* around (16)

Round 3: *sc, 2 sc in next sc* around (24)

Round 4: *sc 2, 2 sc in next sc* around (32)


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