College: A Photo Summary, Part 2

We’re over halfway through our third semester here at UNP, and, strangely enough, horrible mishaps have, for the most part, been avoided. Perhaps that’s because we’re a little more experienced at this. Probably, though, it’s because we’re too busy to actually get into trouble. Still, some little things have happened here and there, things that are best explained through pictures.


So, this is the food that we eat here on campus. We brought this up at a Language Partners meeting. A friend: “‘Murica!”


In Japanese class, a classmate decided to revise my notes.


Pretty reaction is pretty…


I didn’t even know I had this picture of Finn, but, yeah, I have it. If I had to hypothesize, I would say this is Finn’s general sentiment.


My mother at a University of Alabama event.


Me, to Natalia: Don’t die.

Katniss: What, you’re not afraid I’ll die?

Me: Nope.

Me: [comes back]

Katniss: [this]


Sister selfies ftw!


Junhi assists people at the parties he goes to with pronouncing his name.


Finn: It a beard!

Bast: Oh, that’s not a beard, honey.

Finn: Whatever!

And finally…

As I was writing this blog post, Finn, who was attempting to * fry steak, set off the freaking fire alarms.


At the *, that is, while I was typing that sentence, it went off again.


Phew. Dang. It’s been a long day. I’m going to go eat steak now.

Haha, there’s a concerned authority figure at the door. We told him we’re fine.

We’re not fine? Whatever. We’re probably okay. Anyway, we do what we want.


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