An Overwhelming Sort of Contentment

The weather is nice. It’s cool but sunny, and a lot of cheerful freshmen and easygoing sophomores are casually playing sports on the Green. There’s a pair of guys darting around on a tandem bike, grinning widely at the weird looks they’re getting in the process.

Classes are fun. Yes, all of them. My classmates are conversational and my partners conspiratorial, making even the most inane subjects amusing.

More and more often, Sapphire, who is taking Spanish, joins me in my insistent use of foreign  language in conversation, so that our conversations take on the form of, “¿Tienes hambre?” “Hai—WoW ni ikimashou!”

Group meals are extremely common, and relatively frequently, Fritz or Finn will cook something for all of us to share, and Sapphire and I will sit in their dorm until late at night, eating rice and drinking Cheerwine or Mountain Dew and talking with their roommates about video games or languages until we get too delirious to carry on a proper conversation.

Things can be stressful and sometimes dramatic here, but overall, life is good. All in all, I’ve got nothing to complain about. ^^


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