Endurance Excercises

Today, Sapphire and I officially started classes.

It started with an early-morning wake-up time of 8:30 (I know, not early at all, thank you) following a late night spent watching “Trouble With A Curve” with the four of us squished into Sapphire’s matchbox bedroom. I groggily got dressed and packed my bag with things that I had told my phone to remind me of late at night, then banged on Sapphire’s door to ensure she was doing the same. A long walk from our new residence hall to the biology building later, we’re situating ourselves in our organic chemistry classroom.

Sapphire recognized many people from classes she had last year. I recognized most of last year’s chemistry people, but that was it. We compared notes about a very specific recommendation we’d gotten from an advisor in the honors college concerning our professor, who was supposed to be, for lack of a better word, awesome.

I wasn’t sure, but both of us agreed that she must be something to invoke the kind of praise that she’d gotten.

This idea was cemented when she appeared.

“Have any of you ever had class in this room before?” she asked calmly.

After listening to students’ responses, she added, “Then do you know how to get the d*** screen down?”

Needless to say, it was an entertaining class period. At one point Sapphire and I both answered her question of, “Why did you take this class? [This is Honor’s Orgo, so this is suicide.]” My answer was something along the lines of, “I really liked Honors Gen Chem,” and her response was, “Oh, I’ll tell Dr. [my and Sapphire’s Gen Chem professor] that you said that. It’ll warm his little heart.”

After Sapphire and I were released from Organic, I sprinted from the biology building to the education building, where I’m taking Japanese 102. That misadventure involved following a group of familiar faces and traipsing through the labyrinthine halls of the run-down building in a desperate attempt to find our classroom. Finally, we managed, and I took a seat by two friends, two 101 students I sat close to last semester, as class commenced essentially as usual.

In yet another desperate attempt to get to class on time, I ran, again, from my Japanese class and back to the biology building for honors psychology. The classroom is slightly too small for the number of students in it, with not quite enough table space for all students. I somehow managed a chair that actually was close to a table, although not the same table that everyone else was at, and I bit into a piece of caffeinated chocolate as I pulled out stuff to take notes with. I ended up sitting by a girl I knew from last semester, and we swapped information and chatted before our professor introduced herself to us. We spent the next hour of the class period introducing ourselves to her.

We were released early, at 1:30 or so, and I then ran for the cafeteria.

Sadly, this is not the end of the day. Sapphire is in class (or goes to class soon, I think—she’s not here, is all I know), and I still have Bio II to suffer through. Hopefully that will be a little less painful with my professor, who I know to be good-natured and funny, before me and the past three days of studying plant evolution (alternation of generations is a thing, people) and phyla (bryophyta, hepatophyta, anthocerophyta… ) behind me.

[chugs water, plays loud music, shakes self roughly]

Here’s hoping I can fit a nap in afterwards.

Maybe I shouldn’t have stayed up late last night socializing anyway.

Eeeeh, whatever. My friends and I, for better or worse, seem to do what we want!


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