Just Your Regular Antics

Since Finn moved in two days ago, surprisingly, not many more misadventures have occurred than are usual for Fritz and I.

I awoke yesterday morning, alone and yearning for social interaction, around nine in the morning. I studied for a bit (a preemptive attack against first- and second-week stress) and texted Fritz something inconsequential to see if he was awake.

Several hours later, around eleven or so, I send a text about getting lunch and finally get a response, saying something along the lines of, “Meet us in the lobby.”

Five minutes later, and I am walking with two sleepy fools to my car parked somewhere ridiculously close to our dorm.

Finn and Fritz had, apparently, been sleeping until about five minutes before I sent the second text, which, while unsurprising, still entertained me on some vague level.

We somehow managed to venture to a Momma Goldberg’s and get food in spite of what must have been the entire population of Birmingham crammed into a space only slightly larger than my suite’s kitchen/dining room/living room.

After eating in a sketchy-but-not-overbearingly-sketchy park and basically flopping around on the table for half an hour, we ventured to the mall (which was twenty minutes away) in hopes of entertaining and distracting ourselves with Boba tea.

The mall freakin’ replaced the Boba tea stand with an ice cream stand.

In retaliation (?), we loitered in GameStop for probably half an hour as Finn played through what I would assume was the majority of a Lego: Avengers demo. 

We then returned to our uninteresting little campus, where we bought snow cones and basically just lurked around.

Fritz also made donuts (fried biscuits) at some point during the evening, so there was that.

In summary: chaos has yet to descend upon us. I suppose we should enjoy it while it lasts.

I just hope this isn’t the calm before the storm.

(By the way, guess who doesn’t have class today?

This chick. Yeaaaaaah.

You know why?

I do what I waaaaant!)


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