Endurance Excercises

Today, Sapphire and I officially started classes.

It started with an early-morning wake-up time of 8:30 (I know, not early at all, thank you) following a late night spent watching “Trouble With A Curve” with the four of us squished into Sapphire’s matchbox bedroom. I groggily got dressed and packed my bag with things that I had told my phone to remind me of late at night, then banged on Sapphire’s door to ensure she was doing the same. A long walk from our new residence hall to the biology building later, we’re situating ourselves in our organic chemistry classroom.

Sapphire recognized many people from classes she had last year. I recognized most of last year’s chemistry people, but that was it. We compared notes about a very specific recommendation we’d gotten from an advisor in the honors college concerning our professor, who was supposed to be, for lack of a better word, awesome.

I wasn’t sure, but both of us agreed that she must be something to invoke the kind of praise that she’d gotten.

This idea was cemented when she appeared.

“Have any of you ever had class in this room before?” she asked calmly.

After listening to students’ responses, she added, “Then do you know how to get the d*** screen down?”

Needless to say, it was an entertaining class period. At one point Sapphire and I both answered her question of, “Why did you take this class? [This is Honor’s Orgo, so this is suicide.]” My answer was something along the lines of, “I really liked Honors Gen Chem,” and her response was, “Oh, I’ll tell Dr. [my and Sapphire’s Gen Chem professor] that you said that. It’ll warm his little heart.”

After Sapphire and I were released from Organic, I sprinted from the biology building to the education building, where I’m taking Japanese 102. That misadventure involved following a group of familiar faces and traipsing through the labyrinthine halls of the run-down building in a desperate attempt to find our classroom. Finally, we managed, and I took a seat by two friends, two 101 students I sat close to last semester, as class commenced essentially as usual.

In yet another desperate attempt to get to class on time, I ran, again, from my Japanese class and back to the biology building for honors psychology. The classroom is slightly too small for the number of students in it, with not quite enough table space for all students. I somehow managed a chair that actually was close to a table, although not the same table that everyone else was at, and I bit into a piece of caffeinated chocolate as I pulled out stuff to take notes with. I ended up sitting by a girl I knew from last semester, and we swapped information and chatted before our professor introduced herself to us. We spent the next hour of the class period introducing ourselves to her.

We were released early, at 1:30 or so, and I then ran for the cafeteria.

Sadly, this is not the end of the day. Sapphire is in class (or goes to class soon, I think—she’s not here, is all I know), and I still have Bio II to suffer through. Hopefully that will be a little less painful with my professor, who I know to be good-natured and funny, before me and the past three days of studying plant evolution (alternation of generations is a thing, people) and phyla (bryophyta, hepatophyta, anthocerophyta… ) behind me.

[chugs water, plays loud music, shakes self roughly]

Here’s hoping I can fit a nap in afterwards.

Maybe I shouldn’t have stayed up late last night socializing anyway.

Eeeeh, whatever. My friends and I, for better or worse, seem to do what we want!


Just Your Regular Antics

Since Finn moved in two days ago, surprisingly, not many more misadventures have occurred than are usual for Fritz and I.

I awoke yesterday morning, alone and yearning for social interaction, around nine in the morning. I studied for a bit (a preemptive attack against first- and second-week stress) and texted Fritz something inconsequential to see if he was awake.

Several hours later, around eleven or so, I send a text about getting lunch and finally get a response, saying something along the lines of, “Meet us in the lobby.”

Five minutes later, and I am walking with two sleepy fools to my car parked somewhere ridiculously close to our dorm.

Finn and Fritz had, apparently, been sleeping until about five minutes before I sent the second text, which, while unsurprising, still entertained me on some vague level.

We somehow managed to venture to a Momma Goldberg’s and get food in spite of what must have been the entire population of Birmingham crammed into a space only slightly larger than my suite’s kitchen/dining room/living room.

After eating in a sketchy-but-not-overbearingly-sketchy park and basically flopping around on the table for half an hour, we ventured to the mall (which was twenty minutes away) in hopes of entertaining and distracting ourselves with Boba tea.

The mall freakin’ replaced the Boba tea stand with an ice cream stand.

In retaliation (?), we loitered in GameStop for probably half an hour as Finn played through what I would assume was the majority of a Lego: Avengers demo. 

We then returned to our uninteresting little campus, where we bought snow cones and basically just lurked around.

Fritz also made donuts (fried biscuits) at some point during the evening, so there was that.

In summary: chaos has yet to descend upon us. I suppose we should enjoy it while it lasts.

I just hope this isn’t the calm before the storm.

(By the way, guess who doesn’t have class today?

This chick. Yeaaaaaah.

You know why?

I do what I waaaaant!)

Bible Study

Tonight Fritz and I, inadvertently, attended a very crowded Bible study.

Not that we would’ve avoided the Bible study. It’s just that I was simply told, “Dinner tonight, bring a friend!” My entire thought process was, naturally, “People I like? Food? Yiss!”

No lie. That was basically all I thought.

I’m not sure if I dragged Fritz with me or if he came of his own accord, but when we arrived we were the only guests in the house. We were greeted by my Bible study leader, Clara, and her husband, who are both very nice. In spite of this fact, I was left with a fleeting moment of panic where I wondered if we were the only people who would be showing up.

Quite the contrary, past self. It just so happens that you wouldn’t know anyone else who showed up.

Conversation started disjointedly, with swapped stories about experiences, past or present, at the University of Nerds and Premeds. Fritz launched into a rather elaborate description of tabletop RPGs, which was met with confusion by a pair of UNP graduate students and a knowing smirk from Clara’s husband. After probably half an hour of various stories about working in medical professions, a blessing was said, and we were called to a meal.

Second panic attack: I am an absurdly picky eater. I was afraid I’d offend someone by not expressing extreme pleasure in eating everything.

Turns out, I ate basically everything there.

We were then given very simple hymnals, and the whole table was led in a couple of songs accompanied by a guitar. It was one of those awkward sing-alongs where you certainly don’t know the songs, and you’re not sure if everyone else does or not, but they’re not giving you any clues that they’re lost.

It was nice, though. We did a Bible reading, a short lesson that involved everyone reading aloud, and then groups broke off and began talking about anything and everything. I felt extremely awkward, sitting at the table as Fritz proved himself to be a conversationalist beside me, but eventually several women (and a bowl of chocolate—free, dark chocolate, guys) got me to open up and chat about moving into the dorms. I was just getting to relaying some stories about the misadventures of Sapphire, Fritz, June and Finn when I realized that almost everyone had left.

Fritz and I left and managed to get back with minor incident, the only hiccup perhaps that I’d forgotten to turn on the GPS before I’d turned the car on.

All in all, it was lovely. There was Bible study, music, nice people, and conversation about art, writing, science and math.

And we even came away with leftovers. In boxes with little smiley faces on them.

(Like this –> 🙂 )

Moral of the story: go on adventures and talk to people, because it may ultimately be fun, even if, in the beginning, you’re not doing what you want.

An Isolated Extrovert

I am June Watson, resident extrovert, isolated in a room all of my own. Yes, you read that correctly. I have my own room in my dorm suite masquerading as an apartment, and I am complaining. Why? Because there’s no one here to bother!

Hello, any readers of mine who remain! It’s good to be back! You’d have thought, with the three month interim between my terms in college, that I’d have written more on this blog, but that has proven not to be the case. So, sorry about that, heh. Now that school is starting back, I’m sure I’ll be searching for some kind of escape, and this is just the outlet a person like me (read: a person prone to babbling) needs.

Not that there haven’t been misadventures while I’ve been away. Let’s see… what have you missed?

A flopped attempt at a book series. Friend drama. Water park antics. Caffeinated antics. Pathfinder (Dungeons & Dragons, basically) campaigns. Hours spent in the park after dark. An anime convention. More friend drama. A trip to Niagara Falls and Canada. NaNoWriMo. Sword Art Online fangirling. My blinker falling off of my car.

Yep, that’s basically the gist of it.

What can you expect from my future blog posts, then?

College antics, take two. Cooking mishaps, probably. Drama, almost certainly. Weeks in between posts, definitely.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?

I kid, mostly. I guess you’ll just have to stick around and see which things I was kidding about, eh?

Anyway, it’s good to be back! Hopefully this year will yield plenty of fun adventures for me to write about!

Until something interesting happens (read: Finn moves in and has to start rooming with Fritz), I guess I’ll be off eating marshmallows and listening to pop music, because, you know what, flamers?

I do what I want!