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“Monosomy X, let’s goooo!”


A Quirky Wedding

Today Finn, Fritz, Pinky, Eric and I went to our local anime convention to observe fellow enthusiasts, look at art and enroll in a Pokémon tournament. What we ended up doing instead was attending the Conchair’s wedding.

It was an interesting experience, to say the least. For thirty minutes, people of all ages and in all manner of costumes stood in the hallway, exchanging Con-themed trading cards and taking pictures of each others’ cosplays. When we finally were allowed in, we were filed into a room with rows of blue, stackable chairs lined up in front of a projection screen.

Music began playing, a piano rendition of what I believe was the theme song to Beauty and the Beast. Bridesmaids filed in with escorts, all in pretty red dresses. A woman in a similar dress walked calmly down the aisle as the ring bearer.

Suddenly, the very familiar shout of a robotic “ex-ter-mi-nate” echoed through the room, and we twisted around in our chairs to see a giant gold Dalek being driven down the aisle by a man in a Matt Smith costume, spitting flower petals and muttering incomprehensibly about being the flower girl.

The bride was escorted down the aisle, past the Dalek and onto the stage next to the groom. At this moment, I allowed myself to pause and consider the situation. The entire room was full of teenagers and young adults in costume, some with rainbow-colored hair, others with cat ears or tulle skirts. I thought to myself, “In a way, this is sweet—they’re getting married surrounded by the people who attend the convention they pour their hearts into.”

Then the hologram appeared to marry them.

Hatsune Miku herself, the Japanese pop sensation and most popular voice synthesizer software on the planet, probably, was standing between the bride and groom. She accidentally interrupted the two several times in broken, robotic English almost too difficult to understand without the cheering of the people in the audience.

All in all, though, it was a pretty heart-warming experience. They do, indeed, get to say they had the Doctor at their wedding, and that they were surrounded by every anime character imaginable.

In the end, shouldn’t people getting married be allowed to do what they want?