Everything is Hilarious

Last night Sapphire and I finished our chemistry project on photosynthesis and Gibbs free energy and went to seek Finn.

Fritz had been texting us while we were working on our presentation, which ultimately resulted in Sapphire stealing my phone and telling him that the more he texted, the longer we’d take to get done.

Finn, at some point during the evening, asked to borrow my phone. I obliged, and he went to do laundry and other responsible things while Sapphire and I made fun of botanists.

Fast forward twenty minutes, and we were stalking around the first floor laundry room, trying to find Finn so that we could text Fritz and watch Sherlock.

When we couldn’t find him, Sapphire called my phone. Finn, who later said this was his first mistake, picked up the phone and informed us he was hanging out on the fourth floor.

“He wants to be alone,” Sapphire remarked.

Naturally, we caught the next elevator up to the fourth floor.

We found Finn lying on a couch in the study room, talking on the phone. Within the next ten minutes, Sapphire had forced him out of his seat so that she could lay on the couch instead. I was on the couch on the other side of the room, looking at the ceiling and feeling very sorry for Finn.

Of course, that was short-lived. I’m not sure that Sapphire or I really know what happened, but for the next two hours, through a meal and an attempt at watching Sherlock, we laughed hysterically, occasionally bursting into fits of giggles for no apparent reason.

[in the elevator] “We’re not high, I swear!” [looks at Finn’s severely disappointed and self-conscious face] [uncontrollable, shrieking laughter]

[Sapphire steals Finn’s wallet] “Sapphire, do you have my wallet…?” “Yes!” “Can I have it?” “I don’t have it!” [laughing hysterically]

[Sapphire gets up abruptly] “Sapphire-chaaaan! Sapphire-chaaaaan?” [Sapphire reappears with a roll of paper towels and throws it at Fritz] [giggling manically]

[Finn talking about a Cracked article] “Like, movies, but—” “Hahaha! You said butt!” [wheezing with laughter]

I really don’t know what happened. All I know is that Finn said, “I shouldn’t be learning why I don’t want children from college-aged adults,” and Fritz responded with, “Adults?”

They say laughter adds years to your life. Sapphire and I are going to live forever.

My face still hurts.


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