Long Walks in Subzero Weather Make Me Sad

It’s the beginning of a new semester at the University of Nerds and Premeds, and Sapphire and I are bemoaning being subjected to the torture of having to walk twenty minutes across campus in record low temperatures for our state. Sherly, who lives where snow and violent storms of every variety are the norm, undoubtedly thinks the entire city is being a huge wuss.

It’s difficult to walk up stairs at the Humanities building for the students huddled, trying to keep out of the wind, on every floor. The condensation on dorm room windows is enough to blur the ink on pages of spiral-bound notebooks left on the windowsill. Japanese 101 students learned a “weather word” not scheduled until the end of the year (samui!!). Commuter students are calling in late or absent. Starbucks is selling out of hot coffee at record speeds.

The cold weather, however, only managed to delay the inevitable. School has actually started back. I arrived on campus Saturday night, and Finn and Sapphire appeared Sunday. Campus restaurants are puttering back to life, and students who worked here over the break are grumbling about having to wait in lines and share elevators. RAs are trying to redecorate the halls with a New Year’s theme. Professors are rewriting syllabi with spring dates.

I’m not sure Sapphire and I are ready to be back yet, and I know Finn isn’t thrilled at all. We spent all of last night denying it—FaceTiming Sherly, watching My Cousin Vinny, playing with plastic Daleks and TARDISes and eating stolen candy—yet, class still started this morning, albeit two hours late. Yet, I’m not terribly unhappy with the schedule I’ve got so far; at least I can write a blog post instead of running between class buildings in the freezing cold.

To everyone whose classes were not delayed because the city they live in isn’t a weenie, I applaud you and give you my condolences. To those of you still waiting to go back to school next Wednesday or smirking as you watch cancellations on the morning news, just know that it’s coming.

It’s coming. And you will not escape.

I’d better sign off now. Calculus to run to, Starbucks to buy. I might get a Frappuccino. Sure, it’s minus six outside with windchill, but you know what? I do what I want!

(Just kidding. That would totally kill me, and taking advice from other people is generally a good idea. Still, you understand the sentiment.)


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