How To Take A College Quiz

Step 1: Pray.

Step 2: Take a deep breath.

Step 3: Write name and date on paper.

Step 4: Look at quiz.

Step 5: Panic.

Step 6: Take a stab in the dark.

Step 7: Move on to a different question that you sort of understand.

Step 8: Remember how to do the stuff in question one.

Step 9: Realize the information in question one helps with question three.

Step 10: Feel very cunning for noticing this.

Step 11: Continue this process until reaching the end of the quiz.

Step 12: Realize you made a simple mistake somewhere and correct it. 

Step 13: Fervently check for similar mistakes.

Step 14: Re-check calculations again, just to be safe.

Step 15: Double check answers. 

Step 16: Wait a few minutes before turning it in so you don’t seem cocky.

Step 17: Turn in to professor/TA.

Step 18: Remember a mistake you may or may not have made.


At least, this seems to be how it works for me.


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