A Guide to College in Gifs

Over the length of my absence, I have experienced unmeasurable amounts of stress, amusement, and sleep-deprivation. I thought to myself this morning that it could all be summed up using gifs. Now that I’m back, I thought I’d share this summary with the world! Please enjoy!

(Notice: I don’t own any of these shows. Please don’t sue me.)


A Guide to College in Gifs

Seeing the Dorm for the First Time:


First Day Unattended:


Weekend Before Classes Start:


First Week:


First Class:


How Parents Start Acting:


When You Realize You Spend More Time With That One Friend Than Studying:


Trying to Find the Answer to A Question For a Chemistry Assignment:


When Someone Asks A Stupid Question in Class:


When You Get A Bad Paper Back:


When You Get A Good Paper Back:


When You Miss Points on Simple Math:

A Very Fancy Facepalm

Weekend’s Coming!:


Midterms Week:


At The Store After Midterms Week:


Trying to Explain Something to Someone Not In Your Major:


Eating At Home For The Weekend:


Assignment You Forgot About:


When You Meet A Good Person:


When You Meet A Not-Good Person:


When You and Your Friend Try to Go Downtown:


When People Ask Why You Like Hard Classes:


When You Realize You Still Have A Month Until Thanksgiving:

Italy Is a Caterpillar

What You Feel Most of the Time:


What You Feel Always:



A Tribute to My Chemistry Professor

Alternatively Titled, “Things June’s Professor Says.”

I’m in a relatively small General Chemistry class (probably somewhere around thirty students), and our professor is in charge of a lot of Important Honors Chemistry things. He’s incredibly amusing and almost definitely an INTP. Here are some things he’s said only in the past few weeks:

“They’re very communistic in that regard.”

“Organic chemists make more money because they can sell drugs on the side at night on street corners. Analytical chemists, on the other hand, are the only ones who do things that matter.”

“… This shouldn’t upset your world that much.”

“How many people had this in high school? … How many liked it? Ha!”

“Here’s how I explain how VSEPR works: If two girls wear the same dress to prom, they won’t stand next to each other. Two guys wearing the same tux wouldn’t notice. I probably sound sexist, but you know I’m probably right.”

“Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. When we read we begin with A-B-C. When we do electron configurations, we begin with N, L, Nl.”

[Of neon lights] “I have no idea what’s going on.”

[In response to a student asking why he did something]: “Because!”

“Turns out what I’m telling you is a lie.”

“Whatever lights your fire. Just go with it.”

Needless to say, I love chemistry. Most of the class is spent learning things about electron configurations while our professor does what he wants.


How To Take A College Quiz

Step 1: Pray.

Step 2: Take a deep breath.

Step 3: Write name and date on paper.

Step 4: Look at quiz.

Step 5: Panic.

Step 6: Take a stab in the dark.

Step 7: Move on to a different question that you sort of understand.

Step 8: Remember how to do the stuff in question one.

Step 9: Realize the information in question one helps with question three.

Step 10: Feel very cunning for noticing this.

Step 11: Continue this process until reaching the end of the quiz.

Step 12: Realize you made a simple mistake somewhere and correct it. 

Step 13: Fervently check for similar mistakes.

Step 14: Re-check calculations again, just to be safe.

Step 15: Double check answers. 

Step 16: Wait a few minutes before turning it in so you don’t seem cocky.

Step 17: Turn in to professor/TA.

Step 18: Remember a mistake you may or may not have made.


At least, this seems to be how it works for me.

Elevator Etiquette: A Primer

Concerning Deciding Whether to Take the Elevator:

1) Are you wearing a backpack or otherwise encumbered by something heavy or awkward?

If yes, see two.

If no, see three.

2) Is the elevator especially full?

If yes and encumbered, see B.

Otherwise, see three.

3) Are you trying to get to one of the highest floors? (Floors 6-8 in an eight-floor building.)

If yes, see A.

Otherwise, see four.

4) Are you trying to get to one of the lowest floors? (2-3)

If encumbered, see A.

Otherwise, see C.


A: Get on the elevator.

B: Wait for another one.

C: Take the stairs.

Happy Birthday to Tippy!

Yesterday was Tippy’s eighteenth birthday! Happy birthday, Tippy! Now you can legally vote, drink in some Canadian provinces, sign your own medical release forms and buy lottery tickets in Tennessee. Congratulations~!

(“Believe me, I am still alive.” I’m just busy finishing homework and doing what I want!)