Our People Indeed

Last night, Finn and I went to a chemistry study session organized by a girl in my chem class. After trying in vain to do homework for a few hours in the study room on our floor, we relocated to the library (and Starbucks!). A boy we met in the group, Fox, started talking to Finn and I about comics and such. Finn pulled up our eighty page “Apocalypse, Pls” script on my computer and started describing the fight scene between Ivan and Sozai in vivid detail.

“… Man, so the dude gets freakin’ punched in the face, and he’s supposed to say, ‘mother—’ and then collapse…”

Fox looked a bit dazed at first, but soon turned a curious, disarmed look on me and asked, “Are you dating him?”

Both of us responded with, “No.”

Without changing facial expressions at all, he asked, “Can I?”


One thought on “Our People Indeed

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