Faith in Humanity: Restored or Destroyed?

Today I was walking to the Starbucks in our library from chemistry class. A crowd of people stood on each side of the road, waiting for a light to turn. One person, however, stood out from the rest. A girl with a bright smile on her face stood across the crosswalk, looking at each person on my side with the friendliest expression. She was holding up a notebook that had something written on it in big, hand-drawn, colorful letters: “Smile! Let it be.”

For a few moments she stood on that side of the road, frozen into place, looking ten times happier than the students around her who were rushing to get to class. Then the light turned, and a flurry of motion swallowed the crosswalk. She crossed calmly,  at a third of the speed of those around her, looking around to see who would smile back. I made eye contact with her and smiled too, giving her a thumbs-up before hurrying to get across before the light changed.

I’m not sure exactly what her motives were, but I know it was refreshing to meet someone who wanted to deliberately put smiles on other people’s faces.

Still… I’m not sure if my faith in humanity is restored or destroyed.

I think it’s both.

Impossible, you say?

Whatever. I do what I want.


One thought on “Faith in Humanity: Restored or Destroyed?

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