Good Day

Finn and I went to a chemistry study session last night that featured one boy dancing to and singing “Single Ladies,” another boy and I talking about the remarkable properties of Krypton (things I knew nothing about until Finn told me), a girl with the same name as me and I singing “Kryptonite” dramatically while she wrote problems on the whiteboard, one boy discovering creative ways to flip people off, another girl remarking that surfing the internet instead of doing homework is extremely productive, and yet another boy asking if he could date Finn and teaching us about comics we never wanted to know existed.

People are cool.


How People Impersonate Me Over iMessage

A few weeks ago, Eric decided to impersonate me over iMessage. Here are some things that he said.

THey deluxehard?

I am registered for all Magic:The Gathering stuff, and get free swag and all that.

Like, no joke, I physically have been issued a Nerdcard from the people that make Magic.

Ah snap!

Double worst kind.

Don’t be a Debbie Downer! Rule 2 in life.

Negative Nancy.

He….said twinsies?

Snap, connected!

Just use a lot of bro words, which always result in insta-chill.

More chill than a Klondike bar.

Ah snap, they be all jelly

A Magic tourney, went to the rec. center, derped around Target, and drove about the ghetto.

Nah, I was just saying I was more jelly than a raspberry doughnut.

90 free pieces of paperswag.

+90 more in boosterpackswag


Re: “Practices of Looking”


Not a painter!” 

(Context: One of Sapphire’s textbooks asserts that Yves Klein was a painter because he told naked women covered in blue paint to roll around on canvases. She argues that this is a logical fallacy.)

Our People Indeed

Last night, Finn and I went to a chemistry study session organized by a girl in my chem class. After trying in vain to do homework for a few hours in the study room on our floor, we relocated to the library (and Starbucks!). A boy we met in the group, Fox, started talking to Finn and I about comics and such. Finn pulled up our eighty page “Apocalypse, Pls” script on my computer and started describing the fight scene between Ivan and Sozai in vivid detail.

“… Man, so the dude gets freakin’ punched in the face, and he’s supposed to say, ‘mother—’ and then collapse…”

Fox looked a bit dazed at first, but soon turned a curious, disarmed look on me and asked, “Are you dating him?”

Both of us responded with, “No.”

Without changing facial expressions at all, he asked, “Can I?”

Not Even Moses

A quote from a boy in one of my classes:

“This hair is straight from the Mother Land. Seriously, not even Moses could part it.”


I laughed really hard, and he nodded at me like it was the most obvious thing to say in the world.

Faith in Humanity: Restored or Destroyed?

Today I was walking to the Starbucks in our library from chemistry class. A crowd of people stood on each side of the road, waiting for a light to turn. One person, however, stood out from the rest. A girl with a bright smile on her face stood across the crosswalk, looking at each person on my side with the friendliest expression. She was holding up a notebook that had something written on it in big, hand-drawn, colorful letters: “Smile! Let it be.”

For a few moments she stood on that side of the road, frozen into place, looking ten times happier than the students around her who were rushing to get to class. Then the light turned, and a flurry of motion swallowed the crosswalk. She crossed calmly,  at a third of the speed of those around her, looking around to see who would smile back. I made eye contact with her and smiled too, giving her a thumbs-up before hurrying to get across before the light changed.

I’m not sure exactly what her motives were, but I know it was refreshing to meet someone who wanted to deliberately put smiles on other people’s faces.

Still… I’m not sure if my faith in humanity is restored or destroyed.

I think it’s both.

Impossible, you say?

Whatever. I do what I want.

College Life: A Photo Summary

photo 1

A beautiful picture edited by Finn himself.

photo 1

Sometimes store brand ice cream constitutes a meal.

photo 1 copy

Sometimes a meal is just a rice bowl full of potatoes.

photo 4

This is why we can’t have nice things.

photo 5 copy

Finn is not amuse.

photo 3

Sapphire’s eighteenth birthday present.

photo 2

In case you were wondering what June’s Chemistry notes look like…

photo 2


photo 2 copy

Don’t mind us, we’re just in an Arby’s at midnight.


Eric wishes we’d paid attention to his Magic lesson.

photo 5 copy 2

Srsly, university student? Han shot first.

photo 4

That there’s a demon.
(The dryer popped open on its own after about thirty minutes and spat Finn’s clothing all over the floor.)

photo 4 copy