Antics: Breakin’ Curfew Like Bosses

As those who watch this blog know, life has been a bit hectic the past few weeks. However, the absence of blog posts certainly does not equate to an absence of antics among our group of friends.

Wednesday, Scout, Eric, Finn, Natalia, Scout’s younger sister Lovett and I went to a dollar movie.

Well, that’s not entirely accurate. It’d be closer to the truth to say we did everything except watch a dollar movie for the better portion of the evening.

After Natalia and I arrived at the theater (in once piece, surprisingly, despite my being the driver), all of us derped around inside for a bit. We did a lot of talking, Finn bought an impossibly sweet Icee knock-off, and we elected to see a late movie and hang out in the meantime.

A few phone calls and a short and somewhat eventful walk to a nearby Petco later (Stay away from the homeless man sleeping behind the building!), we were looking at ferrets, cockatiels and orange cats named after zodiac signs/constellations.

Turns out, Finn is going to be a movie director who always has a ferret sitting on his shoulder, cockatiels are flesh-eating monsters native to Australia, and Orion the Cat should have been named Onion.

We wandered into Walmart next, talk shifting to romantic supermarket scenarios (there are none), the vegan-ness of sundry pastries and things to do with Cornish hens.

Eventually we escaped without buying much of anything (which most people know is nearly impossible). Our only purchases were two lime-flavored Red Bulls, a green tea Monster, and whatever Eric got when we weren’t looking.

Our next stop was Tellini’s for dinner. Natalia and I ordered personal pizzas, while the others got various pastas and sandwiches. We sat around the table, gawking at the size of the “personal-sized” (not personal-sized) pizzas that were brought to our table and talking about Sherly on caffeine.

After returning to the theater, we piled into Finn’s car (well, his Mum’s van) and rode to Starbucks. The whole way there we listened to music turned up a bit too loud and talked about stem cell research.

Our time spent at the coffee shop was surprisingly uneventful. We tried to FaceTime Sherly about seventeen times, and took pictures of our irritated facial expressions to send her when we couldn’t get through. I drank a mocha frappe without the coffee (Natalia got it for me—it was actually pretty good), Scout texted Eric, who was in the car for a little while, Finn showed us a YouTube video of cats being jerks, and we made an album cover for “God Bless These Fat Bears.”

We drove back to the theater and bought our tickets for the nine-fifty showing of The Internship. (All of us had permission to see it at nine-thirty, so twenty minutes didn’t seem that off.) Unfortunately, it was only nine at the time. Boredom got the best of us, and all of us ended up sitting in stiff chairs with Natalia and Lovett randomly sifting their fingers through our hair, spending ten dollars on a crane-esque game just to prove that people who played them were stupid, talking about the new Pac-Man show and watching Eric play Galaga.

When the movie finally started, we sat in the theater making snarky remarks about trivia and fake-shouting at the only other people in the room with us. The whole length of the film, I kept leaning over and whispering comments to Finn and Scout, all of us laughing about how ludicrous the villain was and the awkwardness of some of the scenes.

The movie let out at midnight—yikes! That was a bit later than expected—and we walked into the parking lot, threatening to leave yet never completely able to stop taking. We saw a Luna moth and talked about Scout and Lovett being werewolves… but when the street lights went out, we knew it was our cue to get home.

The next morning my mum was very upset that we’d been out all night. Now she’s completely and utterly convinced that we legal adults do what we want.


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